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Journey to PDPM, Stage 2: Standardize

Now that you have completed Stage 1, Conceptualize, and developed a plan to understand what needs to be done, you are ready to move on to Stage 2: Standardize. Standardizing administrative and operational workflows, content, and care approaches, ensures a consistent level of care and predictable outcomes in this new reimbursement and value-based care world. This stage focuses on standardizing processes and tools so your people can focus on providing better care and support to your residents.

As you enter this stage, consider the following:

Standardizing data collection processes

With the changes to the type of data needed and when it is needed due to the reduction of assessments down to one payment assessment, there is a more pressing need to ensure the complete and comprehensive picture of the residents is obtained before the end of the window on Day 8. In the PDPM world, the clinical characteristics of the resident may drive different admission decisions than before.  You will also need to ensure that your team is prepared for determining the best primary diagnosis based on clinical resource needs.

Standardizing evidence-based protocols and best practice workflows to support care delivery

Adopting standard-based content and care processes not only makes outcomes predictable, it also becomes easier to measure how staff are delivering against the standards. Standardized processes provide the reliability and validity of the data being collected for analysis and improvements.  And when your technology takes care of process delivery and the tools, you can focus on how to make the people delivering that care better care givers.

Reviewing your technical capabilities.

Your technology should provide you with all the tools you need to be successful through PDPM for all operational and administrative efforts. Your technology needs to support improved care content, the ability to scale changes across the facility or organization, and to support your data intelligence needs. You need a system that can transform standardized data into useful, actionable insights. Your technology needs to be a system of intelligence.

Training staff on new processes.

Staff must understand PDPM and why processes are changing — they will also require training for these new and changed workflows. Educate staff to the value this change will bring as well as the changes themselves. Staff should understand the what and the why of PDPM.

In the end, the foundation needed for PDPM starts with solidifying standardized processes that drive change and quality improvement. Combining the power of standards-based assessments with advanced resident-care insights is critical to value-based payment models.

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April 24, 2019