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People of PointClickCare: Cyndi Levesque

In honour of nursing week, we’re celebrating one of our own, Cyndi Levesque! Cyndi is a Senior Software Implementation Consultant who uses her nursing training every day to ensure PointClickCare’s solutions meet the needs of our customers. Let’s get to know her with some rapid fire!

Rapid fire

Describe yourself in 3 words: Eager, adventurous, grounded.

What is your favourite cake flavour? Lemon pound cake.

What was your best subject in school? Sciences.

Who is your inspiration and why? My dad because despite his challenges with MS he always had a smile on his face, always a positive attitude and taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. He always said, “Fille, Ca ce fait par du monde”, translation “others can do it so can you”.

Summer or Winter? Winter – it is a time of peace, rest, rejuvenation, and new beginnings while the earth sleeps and resets.

Becoming a Nurse

Cyndi became a registered nurse over 30 years ago because she wanted to help the aging population. “Growing up with my dad having Multiple Sclerosis I wanted to help people as much as his disease helped me. That may sound odd, but I truly feel that through his disease I learned so many life lessons I could never have learned

otherwise. Humility, compassion, empathy, and a certain joie de vivre if you will.”

Her first job fresh out of nursing school was in a long-term care facility and she says she immediately felt at home there. “I embrace our elders and have always felt that they give me more than I could ever give them.” Over the years she held many different positions as a nurse, but always found herself wanting to come back to LTC.  She

also says the most rewarding part of being a nurse is seeing the impact you make with something as simple as a smile. “The people we care for are in their most vulnerable state. Using skills I have learned over the years, not only in nursing school but in life’s lessons, gives me the ability to understand their vulnerability and leverage a wholistic care approach.”

Journey to PointClickCare

As a Nurse, Cyndi first learned about PointClickCare while working as an Assistant Director of Nursing and says she immediately felt that this was the answer to her many years of asking myself why things are done a certain way in LTC and how can we make this more efficient. “PointClickCare immediately showed me the value in improving staff efficiencies that I could only dream of previously. I was immediately drawn to the optimization and efficiency of documentation while minimizing staff effort.”

It was then that Cyndi knew she wanted more. “I saw the value in the software and how it allowed me to help the staff optimize documentation and minimize effort, all the while using my years of experience as a nurse to do so. I then had the opportunity to work as a corporate PointClickCare trainer for a few years traveling all over New England leading core implementations. Once those implementations were complete, I transitioned back to a DON role but always felt PointClickCare was where I needed to be. It was then that I decided I needed to go back to what I did best, optimization at PointClickCare.”

Choosing PointClickCare

Cyndi tells us that she chooses to work at PointClickCare because she finds the greatest reward in taking the customer on a journey.  “A journey from rags to riches. I love helping our customers understand their current processes, building systems to optimize efficiencies and subsequently helping them achieve great transitions. With my knowledge and background, I am able to align with the customer on a more personal level and help them grow.”She also said that her favourite thing about PointClickCare (aside from the wonderful people) is the culture and our ability to be our authentic self every day. 

Advice to future nurses

Cyndi says that her advice for future nurses is to expect rewards in places you would never expect them. “Rewards in nursing are intangibles. They come in the form of a thank you from the daughter who wasn’t there when her mom took her last breath. The tear you helped the new dad wipe when their baby was born. The look of that one resident who’s hand you held when they were lonely or scared. That is what nursing is all about and that you don’t learn in school. When I reflect on my career, those are the moments in time I remember, many of which still bring tears to my eyes. I would tell them to embrace it all, dig deep and be kind.”

Thanks for sharing, Cyndi!

May 10, 2023