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A doctor looking down at her watch

Give Your Nursing Staff 20+ Extra Hours Each Month!

Previously, we gave a quick overview of The Total Economic Impact™ of our Skilled Nursing Solution, in a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of PointClickCare. We drilled down to show the significant return our customers realized after investing in our solution. It’s rewarding to know that we’re helping to advance the senior care experience through our skilled nursing platform and that our customers are reaping all sorts of additional benefits, both quantitative and qualitative such as:

  • Reduced charting time
  • Integrated information efficiencies
  • Fewer Medicare PDPM penalties
  • Lower nursing staff turnover
  • Better evidence-based care plans
  • Greater privacy, security, and compliance
  • Easier nursing staff audits

Now, we’ll take a closer look at how our skilled nursing solution can give back time that nursing staff previously lost on inefficient processes and a lack of useful technology.

Nursing Staff Were Watching Their Time Slip Away

Before discovering our skilled nursing solution, the nursing staff in Forrester’s study were using partially paper-based processes to track and chart their residents. Besides being caught in a never-ending paper shuffle, there was always the chance for human error. On top of that, the resident information was never easy to locate or analyze. One customer told Forrester, “Using paper was very inefficient. It was almost impossible to find or access data in a timely manner. It was very difficult to do your job.” 

If it’s hard for them to do their jobs, imagine how that affects their performance and wellness.

A Gift for Nursing Staff: 260 Extra Hours Per Year

Once the interviewed providers embraced our skilled nursing solution, their nursing staff saw a drastic change. By replacing handwritten notes and endless paperwork searches, electronic charting gave each nursing staff member an average of 260 full-time equivalent hours per year that they never had before! That’s equivalent to 21.6 hours per month. So where did all that time come from?

  • Charting at the bedside in real time
  • The ability to views tasks completed by all other nursing staff with a single view
  • Easy access to the percentage of total tasks completed, and how many remain

Our intuitive dashboard shows nursing staff all the data and reports they want, with just the click of a button. Plus, entering inaccurate information when they can’t read someone’s handwriting is now a thing of the past, making charts more functional and reliable. Nursing staff are able to check and approve all charts before the end of a shift.

For the skilled nursing community, having a more efficient solution for nursing staff contributed to impressive numbers right off the bat. The benefit after three years is a whopping $698,308 from reduced charting time alone!

There are added benefits that can’t be quantified, but still mean a lot to the bottom line and reputation of your skilled nursing facility, like security, privacy and compliance. By keeping resident charts on our secure platform, they’re off limits to unauthorized users – and adhere to HIPAA requirements.

The Upshot for Nursing Staff: More Time = Better Care

With a reduced administrative load, nursing staff can spend more time caring for residents. A streamlined system not only means better care coordination. It also opens new doors for your nursing staff, so they have time to interact with residents’ families, broaden their education, or participate in wellness programs.

When considering cost, benefit, flexibility and risk in making technology investments, our solution checks all the boxes.

Next Up from the Forrester Consulting Study: Reducing Medicare Costs

PDPM will likely keep you up at night for a long time. But our skilled nursing customers told Forrester that our solution is boosting their performance under the new model. We’ll give you the scoop in our next post. Until then, check out our skilled nursing solution.

September 9, 2020