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The Right SNF Solution Delivers on ROI

By investing in the right skilled nursing solution, providers can experience an average of 418% ROI.

A skilled nursing CEO excitedly reading Forresters Total Economic Impact™ study and learning about the ROI of PointClickCare’s skilled nursing solution on his laptop

With ever-changing trends and regulations in skilled care, having a holistic view of your entire business in one platform is critical. Whether it’s a change in a resident’s condition or their care plan, a change in insurance or a new payment model, you need tools that give you instant insight so you can act. Sharing that insight within your network will help improve collaborative care that strengthens bonds with hospitals and ACOs, helping you become the provider of choice.

Two executives seated and discussing how to streamline transitions of care at their facility

Increase Your Occupancy with Streamlined Transitions of Care

Take control of your referrals by having access to complete patient data that can easily be shared with network partners to streamline admissions and increase occupancy.

A doctor standing confidently as she thinks about empowering her care staff

Empower Your Frontline Heroes with Deep Clinical Insights

Learn how you and your staff can be empowered to deliver consistent, repeatable care to drive better outcomes.

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study

Find out how skilled nursing providers have benefited from using our SNF solution.

  • Average return on investment (ROI) of 418% over 3 years
  • Up to $400,000 savings in Medicare PDPM penalties over 3 years
  • Over 20% reduction in staff turnover rates
  • Approximately 260 hours per year in time savings
Happy CIO with shortened revenue cycle and improved bottom line

Emergency Preparedness Program

We’ve teamed up with leading experts in emergency preparedness and disaster recovery to help providers like you have a plan in place to protect your residents, staff, and your entire business operation before disaster strikes.

A group of people reviewing financial information in the PointClickCare software

Improve Your Financial Health

Shorten your revenue cycles, improve your census quality mix, optimize your revenue and increase operational efficiencies all with a single, connected platform.

A Registered Nurse speaking to an elderly resident at a Skilled Nursing Facility

Attract and Retain the Best Staff

Enable care team collaboration and streamline clinical processes. Give your staff the confidence they need to make the right decisions every time.

Ensure Quality and Compliance

Adopt evidence-based protocols and best practice workflows to support consistent, comprehensive, and compliant documentation.

Female skilled nursing provider with a stethoscope around her neck seated and smiling with an elderly female resident

Provide the Best Resident Experience

Match your residents’ clinical needs with your facility’s capabilities prior to admission to ensure desired outcomes and exceed care expectations.

A director of nursing and CEO reviewing transfer statistics in the PointClickCare Electornic Medical Record software.

Become a Preferred Provider in Your Network

Capture and leverage data more effectively to improve care coordination with your network. Easily demonstrate the quality of your outcomes.

Manage the Change to PDPM with Confidence

Whether you’re a PointClickCare user or not, we’ve developed a wealth of resources to help you manage the changes to the new payment model.

The industry-leading single, integrated clinical and financial software designed for LTPAC and used by more care providers in the industry than any other.

  • Make Evidence-Based Decisions
  • Improve Quality Metrics
  • Collaborate With Data/Care Partners
PointClickCare's cloud-based Skilled Nursing software on a laptop

Flexibly report on Quality-of-Care key performance indicators to improve outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions.

  • Enhance Performance Outcomes
  • Improve Financial Results
  • Minimize Risk Through Consistent Care Delivery
PointClickCare skilled nursing analytics product screenshot

Standardize care delivery processes with evidenced-based clinical content templates and advanced, multi-source alerting.

  • Improve Outcomes by Leveraging Best Practices Content
  • Minimize Risk Through Consistent Care Delivery
  • Improve Financial Results
PointClickCare Nursing Advantage product screenshot on laptop

How Can We Help You?

More than 2/3 of all skilled nursing providers across the US trust PointClickCare with their success. And we don’t take that lightly. Their success is our success.