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A doctor and a nurse reviewing patient wound care information on a laptop using PointClickCare's Skin and Wound solution

How Tech Helps Ease the Pain of Skin and Wound Care

Skilled nursing providers are feeling the pressure when it comes to managing the skin and wound care of residents. A majority of care providers don’t have a dedicated nurse to measure wounds the same way each time, at regular intervals. This often causes variations in the tracking and measurement of wounds, making it difficult to determine if the wound is actually healing.

To create a greater experience for both staff and residents, providers are turning to technology as a means of establishing a better workflow and method to easily track wounds. Learn more about the pains of skin and wound care, check out the infographic below:

how tech helps wound care

Learn more about the challenges of skin and wound care by reading our interview with Amy Cassata, RN Quality Improvement Consultant at Great Lakes Healthcare Group.

March 1, 2017