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Advancing Care Together at SUMMIT 2024

As we dive deeper into the New Year, I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement for the months to come, especially as we gear up for PointClickCare’s much-anticipated SUMMIT 2024. This year’s theme, “Advancing Care Together,” isn’t just a tagline; it’s a rallying cry for all of us in the healthcare industry to unite, innovate and shape the future of care delivery.

SUMMIT offers a platform for us to come together under one roof, amplify the importance of collaborative care, and showcase how our cutting-edge software is propelling healthcare forward.

Reflecting on SUMMIT 2022

Reflecting on the success of our last SUMMIT, where we convened more than 1,400 industry experts and sponsors, I’m reminded of the power of community and collaboration. It marked the first time in two years that we could come together in person, making those four days feel truly special.

Attendees heard from experts on topics including how the importance of advocacy can drive the market forward, how connected care improves outcomes by providing the right insights at the right times, and how providers can help drive value-based care (VBC). The atmosphere was charged with reflection on market evolution, celebration of accomplishments amid challenges, and brainstorming on how we can continue to evolve and innovate healthcare.

In his keynote, our Co-Founder and CEO Dave Wessinger set the tone with a retrospective of PointClickCare and the evolution of our company. In the years prior, we welcomed more than 1,000 new team members and a variety of new customers into the PointClickCare community through strategic acquisitions like Collective Medical and Audacious Inquiry, expanding our footprint of care across the healthcare continuum and broadening our collective networks.

SUMMIT 2022 left us with some truly memorable moments, but don’t take our word for it! Hear from a few of our partners and customers on why SUMMIT is such a valuable experience.

Today, the momentum continues. Over the last year, we’ve announced exciting changes to our executive leadership team, saw the appointment of Bill Charnetski, PointClickCare’s EVP of Health System Solutions and Government Affairs, to the AHCA board, and acquired both American HealthTech and Patient Pattern, furthering our vision of enabling better care outcomes for high-needs populations.

What to Expect at SUMMIT 2024 in New Orleans

At SUMMIT 2024, you can expect a deep dive into how each of these strategic moves reinforces our commitment to addressing critical gaps in healthcare. We’ll also delve into pressing industry topics including:

  • How to advance the senior living experience
  • Harnessing the latest technology as a collaborative partner in patient care
  • Strategies for prioritizing efficiency in the face of a shrinking workforce and escalating costs
  • Improving care collaboration across the continuum
  • Maximizing financial health with data-driven tools
  • So much more!

We’ve thoughtfully designed this program to hit on all the areas of crucial importance to our customers and their teams. Our goal with these discussions is to transcend theoretical frameworks, offering practical insights and actionable approaches that can empower healthcare professionals across the spectrum to navigate the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Our product suite continues to evolve and scale to meet the demands and expectations of our customers’ care delivery needs and the widening populations it serves. This commitment is the bedrock upon which the SUMMIT experience is built — where innovation meets community, and where we can collectively shape the future of healthcare.

See you at SUMMIT 2024!

For our customers who are planning to attend, we can’t wait to see you in the vibrant city of New Orleans on February 26th! Your insights, experiences, and collaborative spirit will help us define the path forward. For everyone else, we hope you’ll follow along on LinkedIn, X (formally Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram

February 15, 2024