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How to Hire the Ideal Revenue Cycle Management Professional for your Skilled Nursing Facility

The task of finding and hiring employees with sufficient Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) knowledge and expertise to stay on top of the ever-changing state, regulatory and managed care rules has become tougher than ever. With that in mind we’ve put together a checklist for hiring exceptional RCM staff that will save you time and money in the long run.


The reality is the talent pool of SNF revenue cycle management know-how is very limited, so finding experienced candidates is no easy task. To help you find these individuals, here are three basic recruitment boxes to check off when evaluating a potential RCM hire:

1. Behavioral traits

Assessing behavior traits requires you to intuit the prospective RCM hire’s levels of positivity, integrity, adaptability, flexibility, enthusiasm, and of course, intelligence. Does this person exude a sense of passion for what they do?

2. Correct skillset match

RCM professionals must have a specific group of skills, starting with the ability to evaluate your SNF’s unique issues and quickly prioritize what to tackle first. Even a small claim error can balloon into large cash losses, so your candidate must excel in terms of embracing attention to detail and problem-solving. Also, they must be savvy enough to jump from one insurance portal to another and not be overwhelmed by different user experiences and long waits to get questions answered. In this case, the saying, “patience is a virtue” is certainly true.

3. Company culture compatibility

Another measure of a candidate’s appropriateness to join your team is how well he or she fits in with your organization’s core values and culture. Assessing this requires you to ask the right questions. For example, ask how the person would handle conflict resolution.  Carefuly consider the answer they provide and see how it reflects their instincts and values. But remember, this is an important trait as there’s simply no substitute for a compatible mentality among the team.

Proper Onboarding and Staff Training

After you’ve successfully navigated the above talent search efforts by bringing aboard your new hire, the next step in ensuring the successful candidate has a sound trajectory to success. Think of this as an investment in effective staff training. Aside from the basic inculcation of company culture, doing so must start with getting an accurate fix on the candidates actual, real-world depth of industry knowledge. This means walking them through recent updates and new regulations in SNF billing and managed care payer rules. It pays to ensure from the outset your new person is adept at accessing insurance portals, and that they’ve been introduced to your insurance representatives so they can start building their own relationships. From a managerial perspective, you should strive to maintain an “open door” policy with your new hire, and in the first few weeks jointly recap what’s been accomplished. This helps catch gaps in your new person’s technical knowledge early on, which can be addressed through additional training.

As mentioned above, you’ve already completed the first step of maximizing employee engagement by hiring a team member you are reasonably confident will mesh well with your corporate culture. Next, as part of the leadership team, make sure you are regularly checking in and reviewing goals, and discussing career path. Constructive feedback and appropriate praise are part of good leadership. Engaging your RCM personnel in decision-making empowers new colleagues and goes a long way in making them feel part of the bigger picture.

A Better Way

Granted, the above list is only a fraction of what is required when hiring a new RCM employee, and the truth is the process will take a great deal of time and energy, and, due to scarcity of talent, salary and benefits cost is also a real issue of concern. 

That’s why PointClickCare is here to help with an easier, and more efficient approach to accessing industry-leading, SNF-specific revenue cycle management expertise. With  PointClickCare’s Revenue Cycle Management Services, a contingency-fee based portfolio of offerings that includes A/R assessment, A/R resolution, full RCM services, and Medicaid pending conversion, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

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April 5, 2021