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PointClickCare Insights

Explore More Data. Gain Meaningful Insights.

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What is PointClickCare Insights?

PointClickCare Insights provides domain-specific analytics that brings clarity to every situation. With data visualization and interactive dashboards you will always have the right data to drive better outcomes.

Care Insights

Identify high risk residents, see their progress, analyze performance

Performance Insights

Enhance patient care, improve quality and drive reimbursement

Market Insights

Benchmark performance, understand your strengths, and increase referrals

Focus On the Right Problems With the Right Solutions

Interpret, improve, and communicate the health of your business and bring data into every decision
Female clinical nurse viewing Care Insights on a laptop device

I want to take the guess work out of prioritizing care

Female clinical nurse reviewing performance insights on a laptop

I want to improve my operational and clinical outcomes

Businessman reviewing Market Insights on his laptop

I want to market my strengths and benchmark my performance

Male SNF executive seated and using a laptop to review business intelligence data accessible with PointClickCare Insights

Extend the Power of Your EHR

Gain insight across your entire organization with intuitive, out-of-the-box reporting that let you see high-level metrics and dive into root cause analysis.

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See the Story of Your Data

Understand the health of your organization with clear visualizations that turn the most complex data into easily digestible snapshots.

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Take Action

Capture and apply the insights learned and align your organization with effective improvement plans with targeted outcomes.

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