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Integrated Medication Management for Senior Living

Pharmacy integration streamlines medication order management and administration for senior living communities

Male senior living provider sitting next to a male resident and reviewing medication management information on a tablet device

Integrated Medication Management (IMM) for senior living communities provides connectivity to preferred pharmacies, improved medication order management and delivery for Senior Living residents.

Male resident seated and being handed two prescription medication pills in a small plastic cup

Optimize Medication Order Management

  • Reduce medication delays with direct connectivity to preferred pharmacies
  • Improve staff efficiency with a consistent pharmacy workflow for all medication needs
  • Enhance eMAR workflow and ensure the right medication at the right time
Female senior living administrator sitting at her desk reviewing data in PointClickCare's Integrated Medication Management on a laptop

Simplify Pharmacy Collaboration

  • Lessen staff burden of pharmacy tracking and follow-up
  • Establish the pharmacy as an integral part of the care team
  • Allow the pharmacy to respond quickly as resident needs change
Female senior living resident seated on a chair with a big smile on her face

Improve Safety and Wellness

  • Ensure medication availability at any time of day or night
  • Reduce duplications and interactions with pharmacy view of resident clinical information
  • Adhere to compliance and safety protocols with less manual processes

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