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Practitioner Engagement

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Practitioner Engagement is a mobile solution that provides physicians and other care delivery practitioners remote and secure access to skilled nursing resident records, and enables collaboration with care staff inside skilled nursing facilities.

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Enhance Efficiency

Eliminate productivity delays, remove barriers to timely care delivery and improve team efficiency by enabling physicians and practitioners to work wherever they are—in real time. Electronically sign telephone and verbal orders in real time. Review orders at a glance, including complete order detail and administration history. With bulking order review, resident discharge order submission, automatic patient feed and signing capability, increase efficiency and practitioner satisfaction.

Practitioner Engagement offers automatic patient feed, so practitioners can proactively check on the residents in their care for higher quality outcomes.

Improve Resident Care

Enable care coordination and improved decision-making throughout the care team. With Practitioner Engagement, information flows freely to deliver more responsive resident care. Physicians and practitioners can examine a chart summary—including vitals, notes, lab results and medication history—of any patient across all facilities in your organization on their iPhone or iPad. Physicians can add progress notes, enabling instant care team access to relevant information related to a resident’s health status and care plan.

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Minimize Risk

Minimize the likelihood of litigation due to data breaches or medication errors. Practitioner Engagement offers data security protection as well as ePrescribing safeguards. Practitioner Engagement provides secure HIPAA‐compliant text messaging and encrypts patient information when in-transit from the core EHR to the device and ensures that no information is stored on the device itself. ePrescribing controls include the option to view a patient’s chart before electronically prescribing both controlled and non-controlled substances. With Practitioner Engagement, prescribers can use their mobile device anywhere, anytime to submit and sign orders, easing the adoption process of ePrescribing and Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) mandates. Provided order templates also automatically populate the order and issue alerts such as drug interactions.

Practitioner Engagement solves challenges in these industry sectors:

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