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Increase Your Senior Living Occupancy

Deliver superior resident experiences and improve your profitability by simplifying your business operations with our integrated solution.

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Get the right tools to deliver high-quality care and keep residents safe and engaged.

Convert Leads to Residents Faster

Nurture leads and referrals effectively and gain real-time visibility into occupancy.

Take Resident Safety and Care to the Next Level

Improve medication management, prevent errors, and control infections with intuitive workflows.

Communicate Effectively With Families

Keep families engaged with timely notifications and empower your staff with faster decision-making.

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Convert Leads to Residents Faster with a CRM Tool

Tracking inquiries and referrals on time, and in a personalized manner enables you to build meaningful relationships and decreases the transition time from lead to resident.

Learn how our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool helps you nurture leads effectively, forecast with real-time insights and makes move-ins easier by integrating directly with our Senior Living solutions.

Female senior living caregiver reviewing information on a tablet

Shift to a Care-Based Model to Transform Resident Care

To meet the evolving needs of residents, assisted living communities are starting to shift from a hospitality model to a care-centric model, reinforced by technology.

Access the top three technology innovations driving this transformation.

Transform Resident Care with Our Industry-leading Solutions

Learn how our integrated Senior Living software helps you confidently deliver high-quality care, enabling your communities to attract new residents while keeping existing residents safe and engaged.
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Communicate Effectively with Families

Keeping family members informed, especially during emergencies, helps build trust and confidence and alleviates stress caused by lack of information.

We have the right tools to help you engage with resident families in a timely manner and increase your staff’s productivity by automating communication.

Industry-leading, Integrated Senior Living Solutions to Increase Your Occupancy

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Assisted Living CRM

Enable your staff to manage, track and nurture leads and referrals within a centralized system, and build a strong pipeline with anytime, anywhere access.

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Gain real-time insights in the medication ordering and distribution processes with the ability to integrate directly with your pharmacy partners.

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Care On-the-Go

Empower caregivers to deliver and document care, services and medication passes with a streamlined workflow and assistance in a mobile app.

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Document Manager

Automate documentation to make resident move-in easier, minimize the risk of non-compliance and empower your staff to focus on the resident, not the paperwork.

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Automated Messaging

Initiate one-to-many notifications within seconds to keep residents and their families connected and engaged, adding little to no extra work for staff.

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Pharmacy Medication Management

As a pharmacy, you can optimize your medication management, reduce errors and follow-ups, and ensure residents receive the right medication at the right time.

Increase Your Occupancy and Drive a Healthier Bottom Line

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