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Data Access at Your Fingertips

Make timely, high quality care decisions and have confidence in your data, despite staffing challenges

Medical Professional with digital tablet

Reduce inaccurate data by automating the population of information directly to residents’ records

Introduce processes that allow your staff to document reliably, with less errors and improved clinical outcomes

Securely share patient information amongst your care team, with a single communications platform

Accessibility to critical resident information allowing for data visibility and informed decision making

PointClickCare’s Document Manager helps automate the creation, personalization, and completion of documentation for skilled nursing facilities, eliminating time-consuming documentation.

Maximize staff’s productivity by eliminating the hassle of manual paperwork and ensuring documentation is accurate.

Start your paperless journey now

Improve accuracy and document changes in condition with easy access, while increasing collaboration with the wound care team

Maximize staff’s productivity by eliminating the hassle of manual paperwork and ensuring documentation is accurate.

Secure Conversations and Practitioner Engagement work together to keep your care team connected

Care team members can securely assess, notify, and connect with on-site and remote decision makers, and quickly impact that patient’s outcome

  • Enable your care team to coordinate care quickly and easily
  • Efficiently document and share insights for seamless care
  • Increase collaboration with secure messaging and viewing and updating patient charts, orders, and test results

Staff can access patient’s charts with one click, collaborate with on demand hospitalists, and integrate directly into nurses’ existing workflow enabling them to perform care confidently.

Patient profile changes in PointClickCare will update in real-time in the virtual health application, ensuring data parity between systems without manual duplication which saves staff time

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A Quick Look at the Solutions

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Document Manager

Make it easy for staff to create, review, and electronically sign documents with an automated workflow

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Practitioner Engagement

Connect practitioners with facility staff via secure and remote access to coordinate resident care quickly and easily

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Secure Conversations

Make proactive care collaboration happen easily and quickly over a protected messaging network

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Skin and Wound

Improve care outcomes with reliable wound documentation, imagery, and status communication via a mobile app

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Virtual Health

Ensure optimal care for residents and improve staff satisfaction with easy integration and fast access to qualified hospitalists from the patients’ records.

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