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Secure Conversations

Two smartphone devices placed on a table next to each other with two people placing one of their index fingers on the screen

Secure Conversations is a text‐messaging solution that enables healthcare professionals to create their own protected messaging network using their smartphones and the PointClickCare platform.

Female doctor in her office working on a desktop computer while holding a smartphone with one hand sending messages in secure conversations

Achieve High Performance

Support direct interaction from practically anywhere. Encourage collaboration, better response time and more accurate decision-making. Secure Conversations enables quicker interventions and improved resident outcomes. Clinicians and practitioners can easily exchange time-sensitive messages—including photos—regarding lab results, patient procedures, medical history, practitioner on-call notifications, resident-related questions and other important personal health information (PHI).

Male nurse leaning against a wall holding a cup of water and his smartphone which he is sending messages through secure conversations with

Enhance Care Team Efficiency

Simplify efforts to capture conversations. Ensure a complete record of events and resident chart updates are easily recorded without the extra administrative burden. Conversations are stored in each resident’s record as progress notes, so all care team members have access to the same information. Secure Conversations eliminates duplication of efforts, making your care staff more efficient.

Two female doctors sitting in an office reviewing a document together

Minimize Data Security Risks

Avoid data breaches and HIPAA violations. Ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of all protected electronic information exchanged by your care teams with Secure Conversations. Minimize your risk of transmitting data in an unsecured manner as well as confirm that a text message was sent to and opened by the right individual. Secure Conversations includes a company directory to search for authorized contacts and provides automatic delivery and read notifications.

Secure Conversations solves challenges in these industry sectors:

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