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PAC Management for Health Plans

Improve clinical and financial outcomes through real-time visibility and collaboration with post-acute care providers.

PAC Management connects health plans with post-acute partners through real-time insights. It facilitates seamless care transitions, improving member outcomes and reducing total cost of care.

Improve Transitions From Acute Through Post-Acute Stays

PAC Management offers case managers the data they need to proactively monitor and care for patients under post-acute care.

Improve Care Transitions and Outcomes with Real-time Notifications and Insights

  • Optimize case manager workflows by actively monitoring your member populations during transitions to post-acute stays.
  • Enable real-time collaboration with post-acute providers to improve discharge planning and care transitions.
  • Empower case managers with access to real-time data on SNF admissions, completed clinical assessments, and medication reconciliations.
  • Identify members at high or rising risk for rehospitalization and support timely intervention.
  • Monitor SNF length of stay, anticipate discharges, and support follow-up with up-to-date clinical information.

Reduce Total Cost of Care with Real-Time Clinical Insights

  • Improve quality scores and financial returns with real-time insights to reduce readmissions and extended length of stay.
  • Proactively manage high-risk and high-cost members and guide them to more appropriate and timely care.
  • Reduce reliance on lagged claims data by leveraging real-time, in-depth clinical data from the largest care collaboration network.

Enhance Member Insights Through Our Care Management Module

  • Admits and Discharges: Reinforce transitional care management activities with increased visibility into recent admissions and discharges.
  • Patient Monitoring: Enrich case managers’ workflows with immediate insights into active stays, including readmission risk, estimated discharge dates, and real-time patient-level clinical information.

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