Document Manager

Document Manager is an application that automates document management and reduces the manual effort required to create and complete personalized documentation.

Document Manager | Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency Through Automation

Give your staff the right tools so they can focus on higher value tasks instead of time-consuming documentation tasks. Automate paperwork by creating, auto-populating, electronically signing and storing resident documentation—from admission to discharge. Templates, with system fields and user-defined fields for pre-population capabilities, can be created and maintained easily. Documents are easy to find, are always accurate and can easily be updated.

Reduce Risk

Minimize risk of non-compliance or legal issues due to missing or incomplete documentation, or absent signatures. Electronic document signing assists with obtaining necessary signatures in a timely manner, including remote signing scenarios. Documentation completion status can be seen at-a-glance across multiple residents at once and dashboard alerts help clarify which documents are completed or still need attention.

Enhance Staff and Resident Satisfaction

Make resident onboarding easier for both staff and residents by ensuring the focus is on the resident, not the paperwork. Electronic generation and delivery of document packets eliminates the hassle of manual paperwork production and ensures documentation is accurate. The admissions process can be started before the resident arrives and the burden of reviewing and signing multiple forms during move-in is reduced, leading to happier residents, families, and staff.

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