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PDPM Coach

Real-time verification to maximize your reimbursement

Enhance efficiency, increase accuracy, and optimize Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) reimbursement with PDPM Coach. With PDPM Coach your skilled nursing organization will receive accurate guidance for submissions to optimize workflow and drive reimbursement. You’ll also have a simple, intuitive, and efficient way to complete the 5-day Admission Minimum Data Set (MDS) and improve financial outcomes.

Optimize Organizational Outcomes

Accurately forecast and track PDPM reimbursement by resident. Use comprehensive diagnoses and condition codes to receive MDS decision support and guide MDS submissions with visibility into revenue capture and case mix index. Proactively minimize risk and reduce audits.

Increase Staff Efficiency

Utilize PDPM Coach to ease administrative burden, improve workflow, and support staff responsible for critical MDS submissions. Quickly move clinical data to revenue with accurate, real-time reimbursement.

Modern Certification Process

Improve practitioner engagement and boost participation by leveraging automated SMS messaging for streamlined collection and signing of Medicare A and Managed Care Payers certifications and recertifications.

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Connect with PointClickCare’s industry leaders to explore how PDPM Coach can help your organization meet MDS demands with optimal financial results.