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Return Time to Staff

Automated workflows enable staff to make faster, more informed decisions

Female physician with a stethoscope around her neck looking down at a tablet device

Communicate efficiently with staff & families to collaborate proactively

Eliminate the disconnect when it comes to patient care and achieve timely response times from the care team

More informed care decisions start with more collaboration

Constant care team connection enables delivery of the in-place care your patients deserve

Everyone wants more time. Return it to your staff with real-time care coordination.


Reduce the Burden on Your Care Team

Automated, real-time notifications, to deliver routine communication saving time providing information to stakeholders.

Focus on People, not Paperwork

Instant Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere

  • Support direct interaction from practically anywhere. Encourage collaboration, better response time and more accurate decision-making.
  • Clinicians and practitioners can easily exchange time-sensitive messages–including photos–regarding lab results, patient procedures, medical history, practitioner on-call notifications, resident-related questions, and other important personal health information (PHI).
  • Conversations are stored in each resident’s record as progress notes, so all care team members have access to the same information.

Stay connected 24/7 with your care teams to communicate in a timely manner and have the confidence to make informed care decisions.

On-demand communication with qualified hospitalists ensuring optimal care for residents.

Faster Communication for Faster Collaboration.

A Quick Look at the Solutions

Virtual Health

Ensure optimal care for residents and improve staff satisfaction fast access to qualified providers

Automated Care Messaging

Create efficient communication workflows with voice, text, and email notifications

Connected Care Center

Empower staff and families to make better care decisions with online access to resident health records

Secure Conversations

Make proactive care collaboration happen easily and quickly over a protected messaging network

Give your staff the tools to communicate efficiently across the organization and maximize their day-to-day productivity.