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Skin & Wound is an advanced mobile app designed for wound evaluation, documentation, and status communication across the care team for improved care outcomes.

Skin and Wound | Improve Outcomes

Remove Variability in Wound Measurement

Photo-recognition technology identifies changes in wound size, shape, and color–even those not noticeable to the caregiver. Consistently measure wounds using a secure HIPAA-compliant mobile app without storing information on the device. Resident records automatically update with results, ensuring more accurate and complete documentation is available to the care team when making clinical decisions from any location.

Skin and Wound | Increase Efficiency

Identify At-Risk Residents

Increase collaboration with the wound care team and identify at-risk residents. Easily share diagnostic information with the entire team whether inside or outside the organization. Timely intervention or treatment for the resident improves care outcomes. Reduce the time spent searching for and managing paper results. Track wound progression with photos or trending graphs. Alerts notify team members of a change in a resident’s condition.

Skin and Wound | Reduce Liability

Minimize the Potential for Litigation Penalties

Provide visual evidence of wound progression and complete treatment documentation to minimize the risk of litigation penalties. The mobile app can provide a series of images that deliver a clear visualization and progression of how a wound is healing, without ever disturbing the resident. The app also measures wounds, calculates Braden or PUSH scores, and provides trend information to the care giver.

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