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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Enhance value and better serve subscribers with real-time clinical information exchange.

We value our longstanding partnerships with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) who understand the needs and priorities of the state(s) and the members they serve. With PointClickCare, HIEs can deliver aligned HIT services through integrated, interoperable technology.

We partner with HIEs to break down more barriers between siloed EHR software, allowing for seamless data exchange that facilitates effective care coordination, collaboration, and communication between healthcare providers, connecting the entire care continuum.

Expand Healthcare Data Utility

Leveraging our platform and programs, powered by acute, post-acute, and other data sources, we work alongside HIEs to understand their strategic priorities and enable solutions that help HIE’s subscribers unlock actionable insights to impact patient care.

Improve Collaboration Between HIE Subscribers and Beyond

Leveraging our platform and programs, tailored for acute, post-acute, payer, and ambulatory organizations, we enable HIE data to be integrated and delivered into the native clinical workflow and optimize collaboration at all points of care.

Access the Largest Post-Acute Care Network in the Country

HIEs work hard to engage all providers in their community. We can help HIEs strengthen collaboration with access to the largest post-acute EHR and its corresponding ADT and CCD data, allowing for real-time care coordination and medication reconciliation to improve outcomes and reduce provider burden.

How Can We Help You?

Exchange unprecedented insights across the care ecosystem with the most comprehensive care collaboration platform.