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Integrated Medication Management (IMM)

Pharmacist leaning against a wall with her thumb up with prescription pills in the back with a blurred effect

Integrated Medication Management is a medication ordering integration that connects senior care providers and pharmacies to allow both parties to access and review medication orders, refills, and formulary changes in real-time.

Female skilled nursing provider with a stethoscope around her neck reviewing a patient's prescription with prescription drug bottles in front on shelves

Streamline the Entire Medication Management Process

Automate communications from prescription to delivery, eliminating processing delays, late deliveries, and discrepancies that impact resident safety. Enhance efficiency with electronic, automatic medication information transfer as well as one-click reordering, eliminating the need to phone or fax your pharmacy. Medication orders, refills, receiving, and supply reconciliation link with pharmacy systems to streamline medication management.

Two female pharmacists standing in a pharmacy with one holding medication and the other reviewing integrated medication management information in PointClickCare's software on a tablet device

Manage Residents Changing Care Needs

Supporting both a pharmacy-initiated and a physician-initiated workflow, the pharmacy and the care community have instant access to the resident’s updated clinical information and eMAR. Eliminate the need for multiple systems and records to manage changing care needs. The product workflow includes embedded medication alerts and prompts for the right documentation. Color-coded dashboards organize tasks by resident and pass time to ensure timely and accurate med pass.

ePrescribing Curbs Controlled Substance Abuse and Medication Errors

ePrescribing has been shown to reduce medication errors by over 80%

Find out how our e-prescribing software supports EPCS mandates and improves all prescribing workflows

A doctor using the ePrescribing feature in the PointClickCare software on a laptop

Meet ePrescribing Requirements

ePrescribing refers to the process by which a prescription is electronically created, validated and transmitted directly from the practitioner to a pharmacy or pharmacist securely through e-prescribing software. In response to the rising prescription drug abuse problem, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and states have worked together to create programs and legislation to deter the abuse and misuse of controlled substances like prescription opioids. Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) is legal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Two doctors sitting at a desk with notes, paper, prescription medication, and a laptop on it while reviewing integrated medication management information on a tablet device

Administer Medication with Precision

Electronic integration with pharmacy systems eliminates manual, error‐prone data entry and facilitates automatic review of formulary changes suggested by pharmacies—preventing human error in medication administration. Automated receiving workflows link the appropriate supply to the correct medication order and the reconciliation process syncs the order to the eMAR for resident administration. Staff can easily receive medication supplies and submit timely requests for refills directly from the eMAR.

Integrated Medication Management (IMM) solves challenges in these industry sectors:

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