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Integrated Medication Management for Skilled Nursing

Pharmacy Integration and e-Prescribing Enable Safer Medication Management

Female skilled nursing provider seated next to a male resident and reviewing a prescription medication bottle with him

Integrated Medication Management (IMM) for skilled nursing connects facilities to their primary pharmacy for real-time electronic medication ordering, enabling both parties to access and review medication orders, refills, and formulary changes.

Female skilled nursing provider with a stethoscope around her neck reviewing a patient's prescription with prescription drug bottles in front on shelves

Streamline the Entire Medication Management Process

  • Integrate with preferred LTC pharmacies to enable a consistent process for all prescribing needs
  • Save time with expedited ordering, supply, and delivery workflows
  • Enhance efficiency with real-time pharmacy collaboration, reducing phone or fax follow-up
  • Reduce errors and discrepancies and eliminate delays that impact resident health and safety
  • Supports pharmacy-initiated and facility-initiated workflows
Prescriptions medication pills on a counter with a female skilled nursing provider in the back

Manage Changing Acuity Levels

  • Access to real-time clinical information allows more timely response by the pharmacy when resident health and needs change
  • Eliminate the need for multiple systems and records to manage care requirements
  • Embedded medication alerts prompt for the right documentation

e-Prescribing Curbs Controlled Substance Abuse and Medication Errors

e-Prescribing has been shown to reduce medication errors by over 80%

Find out how our e-Prescribing software supports EPCS mandates and improves all prescribing workflows

A doctor using the ePrescribing feature in the PointClickCare software on a laptop

Meet e-Prescribing Requirements

  • Easily comply with e-Prescribing mandates
  • Ensure proper practitioner authority and approvals to dispense
  • Prescribing audit capabilities track and validate prescribing steps
Male senior living care provider sitting with a male resident and showing him a weekly medication organizer

Improve Medication Administration

  • Integration with pharmacy systems also helps reduce medication administration errors
  • Timesaving automated receiving workflows link the appropriate supply to the correct order
  • Efficiently submit requests for refills directly from the eMAR

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