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Eligibility Verification

Female skilled nursing facility CEO seated in a boardroom with her laptop open

Eligibility Verification is an integrated insurance validation service helps organizations check and monitor insurance coverage of current and potential residents to verify financial status both prior to and post admission.

A group of people sitting around a table at work performing insurance coverage checks with PointClickCare

Enhance Insurance Checking Efficiency

Eliminate time-consuming, manual work. Eligibility Verification provides the ability to perform insurance coverage checks on multiple residents at once for a multitude of plans. Integrated access to insurance coverage information allows you to electronically check insurance coverage in real-time, both prior to and after admission. Eligibility Verification confirms that your residents have adequate insurance coverage, ensuring your organization will get paid for services provided.

A Skilled Nursing Facility CFO smiling and working on PointClickCare's EMR software on her laptop

Minimize Risk of Non-Payment

Keep on top of changes to your residents’ coverage. With Eligibility Verification, never be caught off guard by delayed or denied payments from unknown coverage changes. With weekly batch checks, Eligibility Verification automatically ensures that residents’ insurance coverages are still valid, eliminating the need to rely on residents or their families to communicate coverage changes or cancellations. All residents can be easily checked at once, allowing more time for staff to follow up with any discrepancies the checks may produce.

An Executive Director and a Director of Finance reviewing their Resident Mix on PointClickCare's Healthcare software

Improve Resident Mix Profitability

Gain perspective into your resident population. Eligibility Verification gives you insights into the right resident mix for your organization to positively impact the bottom line. Available current and historical reports provide a streamlined way of gaining visibility into the revenue cycle and the ideal resident mix for maximum revenue potential. With information gained from Eligibility Verification, organizations can proactively screen and accept residents that are the most profitable for them.

Eligibility Verification solves challenges in these industry sectors:

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