It’s a Patient-Driven Payment Model world.

Welcome to the new normal

As skilled nursing facility providers continue their transition towards a value-based care, this new normal demands a higher standard of performance. We helped thousands of providers properly prepare for PDPM with our 5-part Success Program. Now we’re excited to announce a new collection of PDPM-supporting products.

PDPM Ultimate Survival Guide

We’ve taken the guides we created for all 5 Stages of the PDPM Journey, and created this comprehensive collection.

PDPM Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered thousands of questions about PDPM over the last few months. We took the most frequently asked ones -along with our answers- and bundled them up in this single document.

If you’re not using PointClickCare already, and are not confident in your current EHR software, we can help.

Have PDPM Questions?

We can help.