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Increase Your Occupancy with Streamlined Transitions of Care

Take control of your referrals with real-time data access

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Ensure every transfer is timely, accurate, and safe, without disrupting your workflow.


Drive the conversations with your network partners that increase occupancy by having real-time visibility into complete patient data, knowing your ideal census-mix, and proving your outcomes.
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Start with seamless and integrated access to all the data you need.

Having visibility and access to all the patient’s information, including medication lists, prior to admission will give you the full picture of a patient’s care needs, reducing the possibility that your next conversation is about a readmission.

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Keep Your Occupancy Profitable

In a low occupancy reality, you have increased pressure to accept more patients. Protect your profitability by having access to the information you need to make admission decisions that won’t impact your revenue goals with costly readmissions.

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Make yourself an invaluable partner by proving your outcomes.

As hospitals become more selective with their partnerships, you need a way to stand out amongst your peers. We can help you understand your market trends and referral patterns to take control of your referral conversations.

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Your Must-Have Guide for Successful Care Transitions

Ensure every patient handoff is effortless with this easy-to-follow guide that’s full of best practices, and tips to optimize your admission process.

Learn how PointClickCare can help you increase occupancy with streamlined transitions

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