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Emergency Department Optimization

Real-time patient insights improve ED effectiveness and efficiency

Emergency Department Advanced Insights

Empower front-line Emergency Department (ED) staff with the right patient insights at the point of care to enable more efficient and informed care decisions.

Enhance Emergency Department Care Management

  • Leverage curated insights to fill gaps in patient history delivered to existing systems and workflow.
  • Receive patient risk alerts based on proprietary algorithms covering hundreds of factors.
  • Highlight and prioritize the most vulnerable and high-risk patients.
Reinforce ED Safety for Patients and Staff

Reinforce Safety for Patients and Staff

  • Receive immediate alerts of arrivals with a history of high risk or harmful events.
  • Access the most relevant and critical patient data to support immediate care and ensure patient and staff safety.
  • Improve communication during periods of overcrowding with safety information pushed to the point of care.

Improve Efficiency and Financial Performance

  • Accelerate throughput with real-time patient alerts directed into the current workflow.
  • Access up-to-date laboratory, medication, and radiology data to avoid unnecessary diagnostics or treatments.
  • Identify and group high utilization patients more efficiently, allowing them to be effectively managed.
Tailor Population Reporting with Acute Insights

Tailor Population Reporting with Advanced Insights

  • Select and align patient notifications with strategic priorities and patient populations of greatest interest.
  • Choose additional specialized patient screening options including substance use disorder, behavioral health, and social determinants of health.
  • Send Advanced Insights notifications to existing patient information platforms.

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