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Access to the Patient Information You Need

Easily share data with your staff to ensure they have what they need before admitting a patient.

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Visibility Into the Whole Patient Journey


Operating during COVID-19 has created the new reality of effective transitions based on data sharing. You need to have accurate and complete information on a patient before they even enter your facility.
PointClickCare gives you access to the full medication history, diagnoses, and a complete medication list, populated directly in the patient record. Giving you everything you need to provide the right care and prevent readmissions.
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Access to the Largest Collection of Post-acute Care Insights in North America

Access and share the medical history of your patients, including COVID vaccinations, lab results and diagnosis when you are admitting or discharging a resident.

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Rapid Medication Reconciliation

Reduce errors and rehospitalizations by automatically importing and populating medication and diagnosis information upon arrival to get your residents the right medication faster.

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Smarter and Faster Admission Decisions

Reduce the amount of time staff spend collecting clinical information during care and provide detailed information to your care network without disrupting your workflow, while decreasing the risk of unnecessary testing and medical errors.

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Why the Right Data Matters for SNF

Get the guide to the valuable lessons learnt by providers during COVID-19 on how we react, plan, and continue to operate in this new normal.

Learn How PointClickCare Can Help You Take Control of the Data You Need.

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