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Care Insights

A doctor using PointClickCare's Care Insights solution on laptop to review nurse’s documentation and performance information

Care Insights provides an easy to view insight into your nurse’s documentation and performance so clinical leadership can easily track progress, identify trends and drive the change management process with accurate data.

A nurse reviewing information using Care Insights in the PointClickCare software, on a laptop computer

Actionable Insights

Utilize clinical metrics to prioritize care. Review assessment documentation using clear and concise visualizations to enable nurse leaders to offer guidance on appropriate next steps in care, identify gaps in documentation and share best practices to improve resident outcomes.

A director of nursing using PointClickCare's Care Insights to monitor nurse performance

Monitor Nurse Performance

Analyze nurse performance based on documentation metrics. Easily identify nurses who are performing efficiently, those who may benefit from additional training and those who are capturing expected clinical findings.

Co-workers looking at data on a laptop and graphs on a piece of paper

Support PDPM

Side by side comparison of documentation allows nursing leadership to identify trends and changes in the clinical status, assisting the team in identifying when a resident may qualify for an IPA (Interim Payment Assessment)

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