Performance Insights

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Performance Insights offers comprehensive, flexible reporting capabilities for Quality-of-Care key performance indicators that address the need for market-oriented, near real-time data to improve outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions.

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Enhance Performance Outcomes

Quickly identify discrepancies and quality issues across all levels of your facility. Understand performance issues concerning quality outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. Have instant access to interactive dashboards for Readmissions, Quality Measures/Quality Indicators and other KPIs at the corporate, facility, and resident level. Identify target patient populations and outcomes for measurement, such as the highest acuity population as well as which residents are triggering negative outcomes and are at risk for readmission.

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Improved Financial Viability

Optimize organizational revenue under PDPM by identifying revenue drivers, including impact of quality performance and acuity on revenue, that will enable you to achieve financial goals. Delve into each of the PDPM payment components and key areas that derive the Case Mix Group (CMG) to identify opportunities for care. Pinpoint patterns using the average CMI in each payment component to assess the level of acuity and determine appropriate staffing for your population breakdown. Focus on specific conditions and residents that contribute to each CMG.

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Minimize Risk Through Consistent Care Delivery

Leverage standardized assessments to help increase assessment quality and incorporate evidence-based clinical suggestions, minimizing the risk of hospital readmission due to variability in care delivery. View a list of residents needing prioritized care based on the highest number of abnormal findings stemming from standardized assessments. Additional filters by unit, physician, or payer allow managers to see the sickest/highest risk residents in any of these groups.

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