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Integrated Results

A doctor using PointClickCare's Integrated Results product to update resident’s electronic health records with laboratory and radiology results in real-time

Integrated Results is a tool which updates resident’s electronic health records with laboratory and radiology results in real-time.

Professional working on a laptop with another sitting in the back with a blurred effect

Improve Resident Care

Enable better resident outcomes by providing more timely, diagnostic information to the care team. Integrated Results improves the speed and quality of care delivery decisions. Clear, legible electronic results are provided, allowing potential problems, risks or trends to be easily identified. With Integrated Results, diagnostic information can also be shared sooner with the entire care team, improving decision-making and resulting in more timely treatment for residents.

A female skilled nursing provider smiling and looking at integrated results on a tablet device

Increase Operational Efficiency

Focus on high value tasks. Integrated Results reduces the time care team members spend waiting for results, improving efficiency and staff satisfaction. Drastically reduce time spent searching for and managing paper results with quick and easy access to results in the resident’s dashboard. Notifications alert your care team when results arrive, eliminating the need to follow up with testing facilities.

Close up of female health care providers left hand on a tablet device looking at diagnostic results

Minimize Risk of Incomplete or Inaccurate Information

Eliminate the possibility of human error. Ensure your care team has complete, correct laboratory and diagnostic information access for all residents. All results are automatically attached to the right resident, minimizing the potential for lost results or errors that occur with manual upload of information. With the ability to store results and to add supplemental results when needed, Integrated Results provides the complete diagnostic picture you need to make care related decisions.

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