eINTERACT is a set of dashboards, checklists, and automatic triggers designed to work together to assist care teams in preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and to promote positive resident outcomes.

Minimize Risk to Resident Safety

Provide an industry best practices approach and simplify how to evaluate resident condition changes to minimize risks to resident safety. Enable aides and caregivers to quickly alert licensed staff to changes in a resident’s condition as part of their normal documentation workflow. These alerts can reduce incidences where change reports are too late or not at all.

Strengthen Performance by Empowering Staff

Empower staff to proactively troubleshoot changes in resident condition. Dashboard views provide the care team with an overview of a resident’s condition to inform decisions and empower staff. Identify changes in resident condition in a timely manner. Quick intervention can prevent decline and avoid potential hospital transfers. In the event a transfer becomes necessary, you can deliver accurate and complete information to your hospital partners during the transition of care.

Enhance Efficiency by Removing Ambiguity

Eliminate ambiguity with standardized checklists and forms, track and visualize 30-day admissions and readmissions data, and save time completing forms with the auto‐population of data. Make your staff more efficient, ensure compliance, and facilitate a smoother transition for the resident when hospitalization occurs. Better-informed hospital staff directly impacts resident care and strengthens the partnership.

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