Nursing Advantage

Nursing Advantage is a full feature clinical content solution that allows LTPAC providers to standardize care delivery processes with evidenced-based clinical content templates.

Improve Outcomes by Leveraging Best Practices Content

Enhance performance and improve resident outcomes by giving your care team a nursing process-based framework built on industry best-practices. Evidence-based content in dynamic smart assessments drive better, personalized care plans based on your resident’s condition.

Minimize Risk Through Consistent Care Delivery

Leverage standardized templates to help increase assessment quality and incorporate evidence-based clinical suggestions, minimizing the risk of hospital readmission due to variability in care delivery. View a list of residents needing prioritized care based on the highest number of abnormal findings stemming from standardized assessments. Allow managers to see the sickest and highest risk residents first. Alerts help providers proactively address changes in condition before they become larger issues.

Improve Financial Results

Avoid penalties associated with unnecessary hospital readmissions, establish a positive reputation as a preferred referral partner, and benefit from the connected workflows and ties between diagnosis, assessments, care plans, and MDS. Assessments specific to skilled and long-term residents increase assessment quality and incorporate evidence based clinical suggestions, minimizing readmission risk potential. Reduce the time staff spends building care plans by using existing, evidence-based content. Focus staff on care delivery, maximizing both efficiency and resident satisfaction for improved census.

Nursing Advantage solves challenges in this industry sector:

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