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Nursing Advantage

Support nurses with comprehensive assessments and proactive clinical guidance to provide high-quality resident outcomes

Nurse with Resident

Nursing Advantage improves outcomes through comprehensive diagnoses-based assessments for early detection of changes to a resident’s condition, coupled with clinical guidance and alerts for proactive interventions.

Nurse with patient in hospital bed spotlight

Provide Consistent, Quality Outcomes

Every person is unique. Ensure consistent, thorough evaluations of each resident based on their individual needs, current health status, and diagnoses with dynamic, smart assessments. Condition-specific clinical guidance provides personalized, evidence-based next steps nursing staff can act on, improving quality outcomes.


Nursing talking with resident on wheelchair

Minimize Risk

  • Increase assessment quality and incorporate evidence-based clinical suggestions, minimizing the risk of hospital readmission due to variability in care delivery
  • Help nurses identify changes in a resident’s condition for earlier interventions
  • Aid staff in prioritizing resident care based on need, avoiding adverse outcomes for the most vulnerable residents
Avamere experienced a 55% decrease in long stay rehospitalizations using Nursing Advantage

Reduce Administrative Maintenance

PointClickCare keeps you in compliance with regulatory changes and supports clinical best practices by maintaining and updating the assessments, care guides, and alerts provided within Nursing Advantage.

Lifespace saves 80 hours of time updating assessments and care plans with each major regulatory change using Nursing Advantage.

Nursing Advantage solves challenges in this industry sector:

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