Understanding the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM):

The Quality Transformation
Has Begun. Go Confidently.


Success is not just getting to PDPM,
but getting through PDPM.

Providers that will make the transition to true quality-driven care understand that intelligent technology is their best option.
Choosing the right partner to support this transformation today, and prepare you for what’s coming, is critical.

What PDPM Personality Are You?

Why PointClickCare is Your Best Technology Partner for PDPM

Our Intelligent Workflows

Better assessments lead to better documentation, which ultimately results in better clinical and financial outcomes. We have intelligence built into our system, so the insights staff need are available when and where they are needed.

Our Unmatched Insights

We have the largest network of SNF providers and technology partners on a single platform. Standardization allows us to draw meaningful, evidence-based best practices that drive better outcomes.

Our Single, Connected Platform

A single, integrated platform allows us to build once, then simultaneously deliver software updates to our entire customer base. One solution, one version, better for everyone.

Our Journey Through PDPM Starts Now

We’ve identified 5 major stages along a distinct path to help get you through the transition to PDPM – confidently.

Doug Owens CIO Prestige Care Photo

“I’m confident PointClickCare has our back when it comes to PDPM”

Doug Owens, Chief Information Officer
Prestige Care

Here are some resources to help you get started on preparing for the new transition.

PDPM preparation guide
The PDPM Preparation Guide

We’ll walk you through the changes being proposed and the steps you can take now to prepare for this transition.

Patient-Driven Payment Model FAQs image

Learn the answers to some of the most common PDPM frequently asked questions regarding reimbursement, assessments, and therapy.

Are you prepared for the arrival of PDPM?

Learn what you need to do with your staff, processes, and tools, to make sure your organization is ready when it comes.

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PDPM: Strategies for Success

Watch this webinar to learn about the new Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) and what strategies you need to put in place in order to be successful.

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Goodbye RCS-1: Welcome PDPM

PDPM will fundamentally change the way skilled nursing facilities are reimbursed starting October 1, 2019. Find out how you can prepare.

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How Will PDPM Affect You?

From RUGS-IV to RCS-1 to PDPM. Sometimes it seems like alphabet soup but no worries, this session will help clear up the confusing jargon! Learn how PDPM is structured and the differences between RUGS-IV and PDPM.

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