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To maintain alignment with security best practices and the industry-wide shift to use more complex algorithms for encryption certificates, PointClickCare will be replacing current SHA-1 Encryption Certificates with new SHA-2 Certificates.

Encryption Certificates are used to credibly establish the identity of web applications, including PointClickCare, for browsers accessing them, as well as to encrypt the communications between web applications and browsers.


SHA-2 Encryption Certificates will be enabled for compatible systems accessing PointClickCare as of mid-September, 2015. Systems incompatible with SHA-2 will continue to be able to use SHA-1 certificates until they are phased out by PointClickCare in early 2016.

It is important that you act NOW to prepare your systems for the migration to SHA-2 Certificates. After September 2015 incorrectly configured systems may no longer be able to connect to PointClickCare. After early 2016, systems incompatible with SHA-2 will no longer be able to connect to PointClickCare.

This page provides a number of important resources to assist customers to properly prepare for the migration from SHA-1 to SHA-2 Certificates, and to ensure there is no interruption to service with the introduction of SHA-2 Certificates and phase out of SHA-1 Certificates.


PointClickCare has assembled important resources to help you to better understand the use of Encryption Certificate technology, the requirement to migrate from SHA-1 to SHA-2 Encryption Certificate standards, as well as to prepare your own environments for the migration.

NOTE: Facilities with restrictions on internet access (IP-based firewall restrictions) may NOT be able to access the browser test page without changes to their firewall rules. Organizations in this situation can alternatively:

  1. Temporarily modify their firewall rules to allow access to the test page for the purposes of testing their systems
  2. Wait until September to test systems for SHA-2 compatibility – as the test page will be migrated inside PointClickCare infrastructure at that time.


We anticipate that most customers will see a seamless transition to SHA-2 Certificates. Customers with incompatible or unsupported systems should begin immediately to plan their upgrades, ensuring necessary changes are completed prior to January 2016.

The previously identified resources should provide sufficient direction to customers to make the necessary configuration changes or upgrades to your systems to ensure compatibility by the migration deadline. If you need more support, you can contact the dedicated PointClickCare Encryption Upgrade support team by emailing:

Should you require additional support to prepare for the migration, a select number of IT Services partners have the capabilities to assist, and/or source hardware and software solutions.

  • CareServ Technologies
  • CareWorx
  • Integrated Health Systems
  • Tangent