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Connecting Ontario with Health Data

Long-Term Care eConnect provides Ontario homes with secure access to a resident’s Ontario Electronic Health Record. Having access to historical and real-time resident Personal Health Information ensures a seamless continuum of care.

PointClickCare has collaborated with OLTCA and other innovative health care providers in Ontario to provide secure, reliable access to provincially-based health information for resident records managed by the PointClickCare EHR platform.

LTC eConnect Solution Sheet
Connect to Ontario’s EHR Health Network

The LTC eConnect Solution gives your health care staff secure, instant one-touch access to resident information from hospitals, doctors’ offices, CCACs, etc. through your PointClickCare EHR. This information will improve the quality and timeliness of resident care, particularly following transitions of care. The LTC eConnect Solution may also help you to reduce duplicate orders, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and follow-up calls, and support better clinical decision-making.

How does the LTC eConnect Solution work?

Through the LTC eConnect solution, LTC homes can now connect securely to a province-wide EHR network. Privacy controls in the LTC eConnect Solution allow only OneID credentialed health professionals to have access to resident information available in the home’s PointClickCare EHR, and only about the residents under their care.

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Make better decisions with access to real-time information

“Early and quick access to lab results has been a huge improvement”

Jennifer Killing, Vice President, Quality & Innovation at PeopleCare Communities


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