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No vacancy? It’s possible if you have the right tools.

In a highly competitive senior care landscape where occupancy equates to revenue, providers using manual processes are struggling to track referrals and manage admissions – frequently leading to vacancies.

With PointClickCare’s Marketing solution, you can better manage the pre-admission process, resulting in improved occupancy rates. Expedite the review process with a communication tool that automatically tracks pertinent clinical and financial information to help you improve information sharing with referring providers. You’ll also have the ability to verify insurance eligibility in real-time, ensuring all boxes are checked prior to admitting a new resident.

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Customer Relationship Management

Our Customer Relationship Management solution helps you stay connected with ACOs, hospitals and other valuable partners, ensuring timely access to all essential demographic, medical and financial information for incoming referrals. Admissions staff can track availability and occupancy levels from one central location, quickly cross-referencing up-to-date census information, expediting the pre-admission process and ensuring proper accommodations are available for the potential resident.


PointClickCare Document Manager

Improve organizational efficiency before, during and after the move-in/admission process with PointClickCare Document Manager. A seamless and easy way to create personalized documents for residents in order to streamline admission, discharge and routine documentation. Documents generated are auto-populated from the resident profile, improving efficiency while reducing the administrative burden on staff members. Documents can also be electronically signed, stored securely, and retrieved easily; and can be tracked by status so that caregivers always know what to follow up on.

Eligibility Verification

Insurance coverage can be difficult to track down during the pre-admission process. It’s important to validate payer information early so you can avoid delayed reimbursement and account receivable issues down the road.

PointClickCare’s Eligibility Verification tools provide instant retrieval of insurance data, including eligibility, benefits and co-pays, for a potential resident prior to admission.

Access to accurate, real-time eligibility data improves revenue management by reducing coverage denial rates and ensuring more timely reimbursement.


Employee Engagement

A comprehensive and continuous employee engagement framework that focuses on the capabilities of organizational leaders, such as Management Teams or individual managers/supervisors, to create a culture of engagement. An engaged workforce means reduced expenses, including decreased absenteeism and turnover, as well as continual improvement, which can help your organization turn into a high performance team.


Customer Experience

Designed to help ensure that organizations have the opportunity to ask the right questions, as well as to listen and connect with residents and families, our Customer Experience solution provides the tools you need to maximize customer satisfaction.  Asking simple, smart questions allows an organization to gather feedback and provide the immediate insights your team needs to engage with a resident, create action plans that improve performance outcomes, and ultimately enhance the overall quality care they are providing.

Senior care marketing, made easy.

“(PointClickCare) will make your employees happy, and it gives you the information you need to succeed.”

Sandy Soyke – Corporate Marketing Director Transitions Healthcare LLC

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