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Analytics is a business intelligence tool that makes it possible for providers to monitor quality indicators and readmission rates through multi-level dashboards.

Enhance Performance Outcomes

Quickly identify discrepancies and quality issues across all levels of your facility. Understand performance issues concerning quality outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. Analytics offers instant access to interactive dashboards for Readmissions, Quality Measures/Quality Indicators and other KPIs at the corporate, facility, and resident level. Identify target patient populations and outcomes for measurement, such as the highest acuity population as well as which residents are triggering negative outcomes and are at risk for readmission.

Minimize Risk of Unnecessary Readmissions

Identify and implement QAPI performance improvement plans and initiate performance improvement projects that are directly tied to data-driven outcomes. Improve operational effectiveness by quickly identifying your highest acuity population as well as which residents are triggering negative outcomes. Create improvement plans directly from these performing quality metrics in a single click.

Provide Data to Care Network Partners

Establish and maintain preferred partner status with hospitals by demonstrating your viability and attractiveness as a partner. Organizations like yours need QM data that impact your 5 Star ratings in a timely manner. With daily access to this data you can identify the areas that need improvement. Knowing outcomes before they become public knowledge enables you to take action to fix any underlying issues.

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