Skin and Wound

Skin and Wound

Reducing risk while simplifying care.

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With PointClickCare’s Skin and Wound solution, caregivers can now use their Apple devices to measure wounds, calculate Braden and/or PUSH scores, take photos, and view trends.

With remote, real-time access to wound information caregivers are empowered to make immediate, more informed decisions, resulting in better resident care.


The PointClickCare Skin and Wound app makes capturing wound measurements as easy as taking a photo.

Our Skin and Wound solution helps you track wounds over time with the slide of a finger.


The Skin and Wound solution can help increase collaboration with your entire wound care team – whether inside or outside your organization.

PointClickCare Skin & Wound

PointClickCare’s Skin and Wound solution improves access to information, helps drive better outcomes for residents, and helps reduce everyone’s risk.

Our Skin and Wound solution can help care providers identify at-risk residents and share diagnostic information with the entire care team to improve decision making; all of which can result in a more timely intervention or treatment for the resident.

Pressure ulcers are a leading cause of lawsuits. PointClickCare Skin and Wound solution users have the right tools to manage ulcer prevention and provide real time documentation with images, thereby reducing risk and liability.

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PointClickCare, in partnership with Swift Medical™, has developed a best-in-class mobile application that allows you to do real-time calculation of standardized scores, track wound progression with photos or trending graphs

PointClickCare’s Skin and Wound application allows caregivers to easily share information with those not at the bedside.

By simply accessing the PointClickCare Skin and Wound tab within the application colleagues can view current images, and wound history; and when paired with additional functionality medications, care plans, and other interventions are all at your fingertips.

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