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Payment Portal

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Payment Portal is an online tool that allows residents and their families to view historical financial statements and current balances as well as gives them options to remit payments online.

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Improve Financial Results

Get paid faster. Electronic statements and online payment options can improve your time to revenue recognition. Multiple electronic payment methods are supported including Credit Card payments, e-checks, autopay, payment plans and eWallet capabilities. With various payment methods available, payments are received sooner which allows for faster receipt of revenue.

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Enhance Efficiency Through Automated Billing

Save time, increase productivity and improve staff satisfaction with electronic statement generation and distribution available in the Payment Portal. Payment Portal automates the entire billing process, eliminating manual printing and mailing of statements as well as saving time and postage. Streamline payment processing with a remittance import file and automating the posting of payments.

A couple paying for their loved ones care using PointClickCare's Payment Portal on a laptop.

Increase Satisfaction with Online Payment Options

Provide more flexibility. Residents and their families enjoy having more payment options and self-service access to statements and receipts online. The online portal is easy to use and is accessible 24 hours. Receipts, as well as current and historical statements are securely stored online for easy access. Multiple options for payment are available, including electronic checks, credit card payments and autopay.

Payment Portal solves challenges in these industry sectors:

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