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Your Digital Transformation Is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier

Every care provider needs a solid base to build on. PointClickCare is where you start.

Group of medical professionals seated and standing in a meeting room having a discussion

Covering the Continuum

PointClickCare is creating a digitalized, connected care network powered by insights. Regardless of where you fall on the care continuum, PointClickCare has you covered.

Female skilled nursing provider standing next to a window where you can see a reflection of her

Skilled Nursing

With the right insights into every aspect of your operations, you can make the best decisions for your business and your residents, confidently.

Female senior living care provider smiling while looking away from the tablet device in front of her

Senior Living

With a platform that connects your entire business with consistent, efficient processes, you can easily capture and bill for every service you provide.

Female home health care provider at one of her resident's bedside holding her hand while smiling

Home Health Care

With the tools your staff needs to deliver the best outcomes from wherever they are, your business and your patients will reap the benefits of connectivity.

A Chief Medical Informatics Officer using PointClickCare's EHR to review patient information on a laptop

Acute Care

With access to the largest post-acute care data cloud anywhere, you can discover insights about your network that you never had before.

PointClickCare CCRC Industry photo of a facility administrator using the EHR software on a tablet device


A unified view of resident information simplifies transitions of care between levels, and provides CCRCs with centralized workflows to optimize quality outcomes and get better access to critical insight across their operations.