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Medicaid Pending Conversions

Expedite resident Medicaid eligibility with enrollment assistance.

Female seated with her laptop working and reviewing Medicaid pending conversions

Let experts handle your residents’ Medicaid pending applications from start to finish.

Female business professional holding a tablet with one hand and reviewing information on a laptop with the other hand

Predictable Cash Flow

Avoid lost or delayed revenue from stalled Medicaid paperwork. We resolve pending files faster for a more predictable cash flow. When you delegate Medicaid applications to our specialists who have expertise in working with state governments, all available financial coverage is obtained.

Two business professionals seated across from one another having a discussion about Medicaid applications as they have their laptops open

Maximize Revenue

Our Medicaid eligibility specialists work directly with your organization, residents, and their families, freeing up your staff to focus on providing care. RCM staff coordinate the documentation process from beginning to end to maximize approvals and revenue collected.

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