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Quality Virtual Care with a Click of a Button

Virtual Health helped Health Services Management address care gaps and reduce readmission rates

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Explore and implement non-traditional ways to support the after-hours team to provide better resident care


Virtual Health, an easy-to-use integrated technology


17% Decrease in Readmission Rate (YoY)
40% Increased utilization due to integration with PointClickCare

Health Services Management

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Over 2,300 patients and residents served

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Multi-state, non-profit long term care community operator

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21 skilled nursing and assisted living


Once a buzzword with limited real-world evidence of success, telehealth has transformed the patient-provider relationship as we know it. As hybrid approaches have entered the care delivery model, Health Services Management, a Florida-based nonprofit healthcare management company that oversees skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, needed better support for nursing staff outside of the traditional workday. It turned to PointClickCare’s Virtual Health solution featuring innovative technology to fully integrate into existing workflows and ensure ease of use at any time.


How PointClickCare Helped Us

By implementing Virtual Health, Health Services Management is able to streamline operations and grant care teams’ access to shared patient records so they can focus on what matters most – patient care. “With PointClickCare’s Virtual Health solution, our care teams can access an on-shift physician with just one click, cutting down on a lot of administrative burdens, all while ensuring our patients are getting the best quality of care, day or night,” said Kevin Baxter, Vice President of Operations at Health Services Management. With this new tool, the team has 24/7 access to qualified physicians within minutes.

With a simple click, Health Service Management providers improves efficiency, and reduces costly readmissions, while simultaneously having a positive impact on their bottom line. “By encouraging our clinicians to adopt Virtual Health, we saw improved patient access to care and more efficient use of time for nurses, patients and doctors. It also gave us the ability to provide more cost-effective care,” said Kevin Baxter, Vice President of Operations for Health Services Management. Through Virtual Health’s service, Kevin Baxter’s team has newfound confidence in their decisions with a clinical solution available anytime.


How it Works

With Virtual Health, Health Services Management keeps all care team members aligned with individualized treatment approaches. For example, medication management is an ongoing pain point for clinicians and a source of anxiety for residents and their families. Because the attending physician and the entire care team can thoroughly access and document every encounter through the EHR, administrators can more easily track prescriptions and dosages, marking a positive improvement from manual, disparate and stressful processes.

Having implemented Virtual Health, Health Services Management provides more coordinated care and helps prevent adverse outcomes that have historically challenged this population. “In an ongoing staffing shortage, giving your clinicians the tools to work smarter, not harder, is essential to alleviate burnout. If your staff are happy, the residents will be happier too,” added Baxter.


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To achieve the same outcomes as Health Services Management, explore our Virtual Health page or contact our team to discuss how PointClickCare’s Virtual Health solution can help your organization deliver quality care with confidence.

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