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Manage Growth of Pharmacy Service Without Sacrificing Quality and Safety

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Increasing customer base and demand for ePrescribing capabilities


PointClickCare® Integrated Medication Management


Number of beds served increased from 4,000 in 2011 to 125,000 in 2021


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2009 company founded

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20 pharmacy locations

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25 states served


125,000 beds in facilities served

When PharmScript was founded in 2009 to provide pharmacy services to long-term care facilities, most customers were still using paper-based medical records and relying on the phone and fax machine to submit prescriptions. In 2014, the company saw a significant growth in the adoption of EHRs by clients and a corresponding increase in the demand for e-prescribing capabilities.

Initially, existing PharmScript customers went live on the integrated network and enabled e-prescribing, but the benefits for the pharmacy included an opportunity to provide services to more customers efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely. As we added care providers that were new to long-term care pharmacies or those changing pharmacy providers we saw dramatic growth—4,000 beds in 2011 to 125,000 in 2021.

Well-Planned Transition to the Integrated System

As the company began to scale and bring on new customers, one of PharmScript’s goals was to be there the first day of the transition and use a well-planned approach. Whether a senior care organization was using a long-term care pharmacy for the first time or coming to us from other pharmacies, we found two factors that contributed to successful onboarding.

  • A structured plan with specific timetables and regular communication throughout the process
  • PointClickCare’s Order Export feature, which reduces time and labor costs for the pharmacy by two to three times

Automated Features Improve Productivity

In addition to streamlining workflow for the senior care team, the pharmacy was able to leverage the combination of PointClickCare’s Integrated Medication Management solution along with electronic messaging to improve operational efficiencies. Previously, one staff member could handle 120 to 150 order codes in an eight-hour shift, but they can now handle at least two times as many new orders because of these automated features:

  • Match of prescription to resident information
  • Selection of medication
  • Population of resident and medication data in the order screen
  • Refills of previously prescribed medications

Automated refills also have a significant effect on productivity and efficiency in the pharmacy. PharmScript’s New Jersey pharmacy processes 3,500-4,000 refills daily that are fully integrated into PointClickCare and transmitted electronically. These orders require no handling or manual touchpoints, saving close to 70-80 work hours daily.

Technology Enhances Patient Safety

Patient safety is a critical concern for PharmScript, and the technology platform provides “a safer way to practice,” says Gerdes. Resident safety benefits of IMM include:

  • Reduced opportunity for transcription errors as pharmacy staff interprets handwritten notes
  • Increased accuracy due to automated synchronization of resident data between the EHR and pharmacy
  • Enhanced safety and regulatory compliance for all medications, including controlled substance prescriptions

Improved Visibility and Support

The ability for the pharmacy to access the care center’s database through the PointClickCare platform also enables PharmScript to offer additional support to the long-term care providers if they encounter problems. Whether it is a simple case of not checking a box to complete the order or missing a message about an out-of-stock medication, PharmScript can conduct a collaborative investigation to determine the cause of a delayed medication, which helps prevent future occurrences.

While operational efficiencies and the ability to serve more customers is important, the most critical result of IMM’s use is patient safety, says Gerdes. “We are glad to partner with PointClickCare to support our relationships with our customers and invest in technology that improves patient care and safety.”

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