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Acute Care

Manage, optimize and personalize each patient journey.

Female acute care provider seated with a laptop in front of her and a coffee mug next to it

PointClickCare is the leading Integrated Care Coordination platform that helps proactively manage the post-acute patient journey and the partners that support it.

Acute care chief medical officer seated smiling with his arm up to his chin

Develop and Maintain a High-Performing Network

Strengthen and optimize your network with timely and accurate data that gives you a complete picture of facility performance.

Female acute care case manager standing and reviewing data on a tablet device

Improve Post-Acute Care Transitions

Enable better care coordination by using a single, secure, cloud-based platform to exchange information with your skilled nursing partners.

An Acute Care CIO using PointClickCare's solutions on a tablet device

Promote Better Patient Outcomes

97% of hospitals refer patients to PointClickCare-enabled facilities. More than 60% of U.S. skilled nursing providers use PointClickCare. Trust the system most skilled nursing providers are already using.

How Can We Help You?

Exchange unprecedented insights with your skilled nursing partners on a single, secure, cloud-based platform.