Solutions for Case Managers

Help case managers improve care coordination, monitor patient progress, and strengthen their post-acute network with real-time skilled nursing partner data exchange.

Optimize Your Post-Acute Network

With timely and accurate performance data, you can select and curate the best skilled nursing partners that meet your facility’s needs.

Determine the Right Facility

See up-to-date performance data on your skilled nursing partners to identify where your patient will experience the best outcomes.

Streamline Patient Transfers

Optimize your discharge process by eliminating the manual, time intensive processes required when transferring a patient to a skilled nursing facility.

Follow the Patient Journey

With real-time information from your skilled nursing partners, you can monitor patient progress and act accordingly to ensure quality outcomes.

Reduce Readmissions

Improve the patient transfer process. Help your case managers identify and alleviate the key drivers of readmission.

How Can We Help You?

Exchange unprecedented insights with your skilled nursing partners on a single, secure, cloud-based platform.