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Solutions For Chief Medical Officers and Chief Medical Informatics Officers

Male Chief Medical Officer sitting and smiling with one hand on his chin

By providing access to the single largest repository of post-acute care data in North America, Harmony helps hospitals drive innovative improvements in models of care.

Male Chief Medical Informatics Officer sitting and reviewing data on a tablet device with a laptop behind it

Select the Best Post-Acute Care Partners

View past and present performance data to select and partner with high-performing post-acute care facilities in your network.

Female Cheif Medical Office sitting and working on a laptop while speaking to someone on her smartphone

Improve Clinical Outcomes

With up-to-date information from your skilled nursing partners, your case managers can better monitor patient progress and act accordingly to ensure quality outcomes.

Reduce Readmissions

Improve the patient transfer process. Help your case managers identify and alleviate the key drivers of readmission.

Female doctor with a stethoscope around her neck reviewing patient data on a tablet device

Optimize Discharge and Transfer Processes

Improve patient throughput by eliminating the manual processes and documentation required when discharging and transferring a patient to a skilled nursing facility.

Female Chief Medical Office and male Chief Medical Informatics Officer seated and smiling at each other while one is holding a tablet device to review data

Improve Staffing Efficiency

By optimizing the information sharing and patient monitoring process, your case managers can more efficiently manage their caseloads.

How Can We Help You?

Exchange unprecedented insights with your skilled nursing partners on a single, secure, cloud-based platform.