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Make Quick and Profitable Referral Decisions

Get real-time information that will ensure you get paid for the care you deliver and maintain the right payer-mix

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Better Margins with Less Occupancy


In an ideal situation, you would be able to pick and choose the referrals that guarantee your profitability. However, with low occupancy and PDPM recalculations on the horizon, you need to have a better understanding of your ideal payer-mix to remain profitable.
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Smarter and Faster Referral Decisions

Full visibility of an incoming patient’s clinical, medical, medication, insurance, and financial information to determine suitability to care

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Clarity on Financial Impacts

Verify insurance coverage, co-pays, benefit eligibility and financial resources along with potential revenue opportunities

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Reduce Claims Denials

Immediately generate charges with clinical data flowing into the billing system, intelligent distribution of charges and guidance to submit clean claims

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Prepare for a Profitable Admission with Three Easy Steps

Learn the recipe to accessing the information to make admission decisions that won’t negatively impact your revenue goals.

Maintain a healthy margin with the tools that help you make quick and informed admission decisions.

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