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PDGM: Managing the Change with Confidence

PointClickCare recognizes this payment reform as an opportunity unlike any other for the Home Care industry and has devoted the year to helping providers gear up for the change.

Providers can benefit from:

Education Sessions and Best Practice Recommendations

Providers will learn how to: sustain financial health, prepare staff and ensure competency, and improve clinical outcomes through monthly webinars.

Guides, How-to’s, eBooks and Checklists

Access documents and collateral designed to help you plan, prepare, and execute a winning PDGM plan.

Peer Interaction and Collaboration

Learn how other agencies like yours are preparing for PDGM. Leverage insights from our Market Advisory Committee with monthly updates and shared learnings

Persona Based Impact Tools

Are you a small, nonprofit organization? Or what about a large chain with high therapy utilization? Learn how your business is going to be uniquely impacted by PDGM.

The new Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) projects to increase Medicare payments to home health agencies by 2.1%, or $400 million, in 2019. However, more than 44 percent of home health providers will see a decrease in reimbursement under PDGM.

How can you come out on the winning side of PDGM? Join us on our year-long journey PDGM: Managing the Change with Confidence

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Be Everyone’s First Choice

As agencies build their referral partnerships across the continuum of care, having the right platform positions your business for long-term success in a data and quality-driven environment. Giving your care team tools that make their jobs — and lives — easier will keep them happy, engaged, and reduce the strain on you to repeatedly hire and train staff.

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