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Data Systems Are a Key to Success

By Dave Wessinger, PointClickCare Co-Founder/CTO

Now is the time for seniors housing providers to strengthen data systems in an effort to improve transitions of care and data exchange.

Data is becoming more necessary than ever as care networks narrow. Facilities need to be able to quickly demonstrate their care model is worthy of receiving referrals. Further, ever-tightening regulations make choosing the right electronic health record (EHR) platform more critical.

With demands for reporting and performance-based payment initiatives on the horizon, choosing an EHR platform and partner to help manage the business of care can make all the difference in an organization’s ability to remain viable.

Long-term and post-acute care facilities need to be able to extract, aggregate and report their data. When using multiple or disparate systems, it’s a challenge to accomplish this efficiently, accurately and in real-time.

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