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PointClickCare Moves the Industry Towards Collaborative Care

Leading healthcare technology vendor facilitates meaningful connection
and collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem at SUMMIT 2024

Toronto, ON—February 28, 2024 — PointClickCare Technologies, a leading healthcare technology platform, kicked off the second day of its annual user conference, SUMMIT, with a focus on the power of cross-continuum partnership. By bringing together payers and providers at hospitals, accountable care organizations, and post-acute facilities, PointClickCare aims to facilitate meaningful and actionable discussion around the nuances of sharing data and enhancing care collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.  

“PointClickCare is committed to being a catalyst in opening the dialogue and breaking down silos between acute and post-acute providers. We’re creating a world where providers can confidently deliver frictionless care with real-time insights through our expanding national network of state partnerships. By connecting the most comprehensive post-acute and acute datasets with the most expansive, full-continuum network, care teams can proactively intervene at the right time, at the right place, and with the right information for their patients.”

James Yersh, Chief Revenue Officer, Senior Care at PointClickCare

Evolving market dynamics require the transition to a collaborative care model, including more risk shifting to the care provider, regulatory policy changes, and technological advancements. Day two of SUMMIT shines a spotlight on the value of providing a connected healthcare ecosystem and the importance that small actions have in creating big impact. Key sessions will include:

  • Advancing Care Together: Actionable Cross-Continuum Collaboration
  • The Knowledge to Achieve: Boost Value-Based Program Performance
  • The Give and Take of High-Performance Partner Networks
  • The Power of Influence: ACOs Impact on Post-Acute Discharge Outcomes

Beyond SUMMIT, PointClickCare has been hosting a series of Care Collaboration Conferences focused on removing silos and enabling meaningful communication around data sharing and healthcare collaboration across acute and post-acute care settings. Through this regional conference series, PointClickCare is creating a movement and a space where providers will find value in shared experiences, discuss high-impact solutions to ongoing challenges they face, and build trust as they embrace new strategic environments and shifting care models.

“These care collaboration conferences offer tremendous value and allow for important relationship building with care partners across the continuum. Being able to connect and truly understand where there are gaps in care enables us to better solve some of our biggest challenges, ultimately allowing us to provide the best care possible to those we serve.”  

Patricia Buiocchi, Senior Vice President, Post-Acute Care at South Coast Health at Home

“Better collaboration between acute and post-acute players yields greater care outcomes, more seamless transitions of care, and improved financial health. PointClickCare is best positioned to bring the industry together to create positive change for the future, and these Care Collaboration Conferences are doing just that. We’re creating a platform for care teams to connect, build trust, and create visibility into the entire care continuum.”

Brian Drozdowicz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Acute and Payer at PointClickCare

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About PointClickCare Technologies
PointClickCare is a leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real‐time insights at every stage of the patient healthcare journey. More than 27,000 long‐term and post‐acute care providers, 3,600 ambulatory clinics, 2,800 hospitals, 350 risk-bearing providers, 70 state and government agencies, and every major U.S. health plan use PointClickCare for care collaboration and value‐based care delivery for millions across North America.

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