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PointClickCare Simplifies Medication Management in Senior Living Communities with Pharmacy Connect

New innovations will improve pharmacy collaboration while supporting safe medication management.

TORONTO, ON. – February 13, 2024PointClickCare Technologies, a leading healthcare technology platform, today announced the availability of Pharmacy Connect, a solution designed to transform and simplify medication management for care teams in senior living communities and enable collaboration with pharmacies for timely medication availability.

Pharmacy Connect, purposefully built for senior living, encompassing assisted living, memory care, and diversified communities, sets a new standard for healthcare coordination in the senior living market. By bridging the collaboration and transparency gaps between pharmacies and senior living communities, these capabilities offer a streamlined solution to address the often siloed, manual processes.

“There are many challenges when it comes to medication management in senior living communities, which are exacerbated by the daily struggle to provide consistent, quality care while battling an alarming increase in staffing shortages. Our team is focused on finding new ways to help our senior living customers work more efficiently and safely, ultimately driving exceptional resident experience and optimal health outcomes. We are proud to provide new tools like Pharmacy Connect that enable more person-centered, coordinated care.”

Travis Palmquist, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Emerging Markets at PointClickCare

For senior living customers, Pharmacy Connect delivers substantial value by:

  • Standardizing and Simplifying Workflows: Providing wellness nurses with an intuitive workspace that consolidates critical medication management functions for easy order tracking, confirmation, and pharmacy collaboration.
  • Providing Timely Medications to Residents: Directly links the community to the pharmacy, reducing manual interactions and improving collaboration for faster availability of medications.
  • Supporting Safe and Compliant Medication Management: Standardizes medication processes and alerts to reduce errors, while improving tracking, auditing, compliance, and ultimately, resident safety.

“Pharmacy Connect is more than just a new solution. It is comprehensive technology designed to enhance the quality of care, streamline operations, and empower both pharmacy staff and senior living communities for greater success. This heightened accessibility leads to better-informed decisions, faster response times, and an overall improved ability to provide quality pharmaceutical services for the senior living communities we support.”

BJ Boyle, Chief Product Officer at PointClickCare

Over 200,000 older adults are hospitalized annually due to adverse drug events, but 60% of these cases are preventable. With these statistics top of mind, senior living leaders are increasingly recognizing the importance of efficient medication management, not only for the well-being of residents but also for operational efficiency.

“Pharmacy Connect has streamlined our order management process, cutting the time it takes in half. This efficiency allows our teams to dedicate more time to interacting with residents. Additionally, we’ve observed a notable enhancement in safety. Pharmacy Connect eliminates the uncertainty associated with order approvals, a crucial factor for ensuring the safety of both our staff and residents.” 

Derek Harris, Managing Director of Wellness Integration at Arrow Senior Living Management

To learn more about how PointClickCare’s Pharmacy Connect solution offers a simple, streamlined, and integrated medication order management solution that saves staff time and improves resident safety, visit:

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