Core EHR Platform

Core EHR Platform

Everything you need with one platform? Yes, it’s possible.

Connected care. Happier staff. Improved performance.

We’ve designed our platform to be powerful and feature-rich, yet intuitive and easy to use, because we understand that providers want simplicity in their technology solutions, without sacrificing functionality.

We proudly support a full spectrum of more than 15,000 senior care providers – from small independent homes to multi-facility organizations and campuses across North America. Helping you deliver better care and services, ensuring you optimize revenue for your efforts, understanding your business to manage risk and capitalize on opportunities — it’s all available on the market’s leading EHR platform.


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Explore Our Skilled Nursing Platform

Our cloud-based EHR platform for senior care helps Skilled Nursing businesses provide better quality care while improving their daily operations through consistent, shared and accessible resident data. Our integrated platform also helps you stay connected with practitioners, pharmacies, and labs, along with the rest of your care network.

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Learn About Our Senior Living Platform

From care service and medication management, to mitigating risk, ensuring compliance and strengthening relationships, PointClickCare’s person-centered platform provides a holistic view to all involved in care delivery. With an integrated platform, you maintain a single consistent record for each resident – all in one centralized place.

Download the Senior Living Solution Map

A critical component of our EHR platform is Care Delivery Management, which includes everything from basic assessments and care plans to integrated medication management and mobile apps for engaging with practitioners. Easy-to-use, secure tools support real-time communication among care team members, including physicians and pharmacists. Your multi-disciplinary team is always connected, and always equipped to make well-informed care decisions.


PointClickCare equips your team to effectively manage risk, quality control, and hospital readmissions. Robust risk management and incident reporting tools, including our eINTERACT solution, are built directly into the workflow of our platform, enabling you to control quality, address critical issues quickly, and avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions.

PointClickCare eInteract Application

Senior care providers cannot afford to miss out on opportunities to improve revenue and cash flow due to inaccurate admissions documentation or inefficient billing processes. With full integration between clinical and billing modules, PointClickCare enables financial and business office teams to easily manage census, accounts receivable, accounts payable, claims, collections and trust account activities, regardless of the size of your organization.


Data has become the new currency in today’s quality focused, performance based healthcare environment. PointClickCare gives you full visibility into your business operations to easily identify trends and find opportunities for improvement. Your data can tell an important story to critical stakeholders, such as referral partners, hospitals, ACOs, and families, who have a keen interest in your performance. With PointClickCare, you’ll have the tools you need to demonstrate your outcomes and effectively position your organization in the best light possible.


 Whether you’re a skilled or senior living provider, maximizing occupancy is key to your business success. PointClickCare enables staff to better understand and manage prospective resident leads to know where they are coming from, which programs are getting results, and help them nurture relationships with family members and key referral partners.


Accelerate the implementation process, maximize user knowledge and experience, and optimize your system’s performance. Our Services offerings give our customers the ability to harness the full power of the PointClickCare platform.


PointClickCare offers our customers unmatched flexibility and choice in building upon their system as their needs evolve. Whether it’s connecting to your pharmacy or integration with that 3rd party solution you just can’t live without, we work with more partners than any other EHR vendor in the senior care market.

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